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The Democratic Party Today -  How should America feel about there attitudes presently. This my opinion and you can read it here America.

My letter to:

Congresswoman Pelosi

Hello, I just read on the Associated Press News about

 "Republicans and Democrats tore into each over war policy Tuesday, set off by a presidential speech the White House insisted was nonpolitical. A GOP leader said Democrats seemed "more interested in protecting the terrorists" than shielding fellow Americans."

Your reputed discord of the Presidents 9/11 speech only shows the Democratic "TRUTH" from a party that will fail this nation. After reading your remarks I assure you, that if your what the U.S. people have for a politician then I am frightened more for our nation than your pitiful office title.

I'm switching from Democrat to Republican because your representation of the Democratic party is so out of tune with todays world that I'm willing to take the Presidents speech further and say that Democrats like you "INVITE" another real traumatic attack on this nation. The Democratic Party is so out of step and unbelieving to the threats of the terrorists that your more a threat to the American people than Bin Ladin himself.

Yes the American people want 100% safety here in this country but we don't want the war in Iraq or Afghanistan to be in our backyards. We want the war on terrorism followed out as far as it can be to defeat these radicals of inhumanity.

I'll tell you this, I served my country honorably from 1976 - 1980 and again from 1983 - 1985 and I now serve as a volunteer coast guard auxiliarist. One thing that really bothers me is the neglegence of any poltical party that would withdraw troups allowing the enemy to strengthen and possibly cause a devistating issue here in this counrty such as a dirty bomb or some other really bad situation.

As long as Osama is at large, the Al-Quiada and Hezbollah undefeated and other axis country terrorists groups not dealt with. This country has much to fear and it's not hearsay, it's fact and most of us know it.

You look around and can you tell the American people that all the nuclear plants are safe from harm, all the bio-chem plants are safe from harm, all the major and minor seaports are safe from harm, all the borders are safe from terrorist invasion, our airspace is safe from harm,  and all the major populated areas are safe from harm from attacks on transportation and at work. No you can not. But, If you could, then and only then the american people might be able to say we are safe and need not be chasing terrorists in foriegn countries. The reality is that you can not say,  that our nation is safe and our nation needs it's military to fight terrorism abroad.

I'm glad the president is putting the political parties on the spot. Both are reluctant to work together and both are basically tearing this nation apart. By not working together, (mostly the Democratic Party), what do you think the American people are seeing and how do you think this will impact votes in the election years upon us?

I grew up in the years where fillibuster and lameduck were used and became defined. I see the hiderance the Democratic Party has been having on this nations progress since the presidents re-elect and so does America. We are not blind, deaf or dumb.

I'm making a copy of this for my records and so that it does not become misconscrewed as well I am posting this message to you from me on my website as it is my right since it is my letter to you and the Democrartic Party. (www.justice101us.com)

Thank you,
Ed Turner

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Thank you! Please note that if you are not a constituent, this form will not process your entry. Non-constituents should visit http://democraticleader.house.gov to learn more about Congresswoman Pelosi's role as Democratic Leader.

OH AND BTW - DEM. PELOSI's STANCE ON TERRORISM. She still does not believe where, why, or how obviously these attacks sponed from. Below is taken directly from her website:

Pelosi Statement on President Bush’s Speech on Fifth Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks (09|12|2006)

“On the fifth anniversary of September 11, President Bush continued to try to justify the invasion of Iraq by drawing nonexistent links to the 9/11 attacks. To try to make partisan gain out of such tragedy dishonors all those we lost on September 11."

Read it yourself :  http://democraticleader.house.gov/

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