Internet Consumers are being Raped
by ISP's as a result of Port 25 Blocking and other Port Blockings

Comcast's high-speed Internet subscribers have long been rumored to be an unusually persistent source of junk e-mail. Now someone from Comcast is confirming it. "We're the biggest spammer on the Internet," network engineer Sean Lutner said at a meeting of an antispam working group in Washington, D.C., last week. Lutner said Comcast users send out about 800 million messages a day, but a mere 100 million flow through the company's official servers. Almost all of the remaining 700 million represent spam erupting from so-called zombie computers--a breathtaking figure that adds up to six or seven spam-o-grams for each American family every day. The above quotes are taken from Sean Lutner and written By Declan McCullagh CNET May 24, 2004, 5:20 AM PT

All in all blaming consumer end users must not be the entire key to Spam for it has gotten worse and with it more viruses have appeared and good mail or important mail has ended up in junk bins when they are legit mailings. Is this the software Geeks way of reprisal? I don't know but I can say this....

      Comcasts newest fix seems to be massed against consumers by selling fast full service internet connections that are really only half a service to it's end user. Port 25 is no longer the only blocked port for so called server security issues but ports 21, 53, and 80 are also blocked or so called "STEALTHED" without the consumers knowledge. In fact after using four different port scanners there were no ports open. What does this mean for the consumer? Well, for one. Don't waste your money on a "Home" based server thinking your going to host a website from your private server PC.Your forced into buying a "Hosting Website provider.  It can no longer be done and I don't care if you buy the best software like Windows 2003. Your going no-where fast from "Home" based websites anyway even if you register a Domain Name like I did and use DHCP or DNS software configurations. All you will get is "Port 80 or 8080 refused connection for security reasons. My  personal input on this with no pun intended. Don't buy an internet service with any ISP (Internet Service Provider) that will take your money as if it were providing a full service when they are really selling only  half of a useable service. Comcast is not the only ISP doing this to consumers. There are many others and you can test this on your own. I chose serveral ISP Scanner Port websites to check on Comcast. I had read at first in disbelief that Comcast was doing so much port blocking that I wanted to know for sure that this was really happening. I've even read that the tactics of port blocking was a suggestion of "Homeland Security", but is it? or is the truth a cover for irrational ISP port blockings.

     It's like getting a oneway phone service as I reported to the IFCC and FCC (Internet Fraud Communications Center and Federal Communications Center). The service of any ISP that does this is a fraudulent misleading service taking advantage of the unaware consumer at full rate charges and billings. To put things in a better light it's like buying an icecream cone without the icecream but paying for it as if you got the whole treat. These ISP's should be forced to reimburse the consumer  half the price that was charged for internet connectivity per month based on what the consumer is really offered. Think about it. Your paying for what is supposed to be FULL internet service are you not? So if your only really getting half the service then really the services rendered should be at half the cost. Besides I thought that Spam programs and Security software was the answer to the problem and not the extreme of "Port Blocking" which cuts services to consumers but with no cost change. Seems to me that consumers are being raped financially. Look back at the 80's. We the consmer won the Cable TV contraversy and we can win this. How, because this action infringes on many constutional rights and communications rights as well as consumer rights. Please e-mail me in an action to process a class act suit against abusive ISP's. ( or

    More than half these ISP's are operated and owned by people whom don't even remember what or how a BBS was and how the "Internet was really formed" before all these big coporate misfits took over. Sure direct connects over a phone line with a 400 Baud Modem stunk to High heaven, and yes you had to keep your own phone connect database as well as wait for an open connect happy top hear the squelching fax like connect when you did get through as opposed to a bisy signal sound throught the modem speaker. I still have all my old modems and yes you paid at the time for the call if it were long distance unless you found a repeater or an 800 number connection or just kept it as a local call. My point is though the internet has far progressed the consumer has lst control of his/her network rights and is being more than a ltttle taken advantage of. Simlar to the Cable Company issues of the 70's and 80's where the government had to step in and build better FCC policies to oversee them in fair trade and consumer practices. It has come to the point that it is now time for ISP's to be governed better for the sake of consumers and consumer fairness.

..... the conclusion is the extended old saying "a few thousand bad apples has burdened and spoiled things at the cost of the 6 milion plus good apples". The saddest part of this mess is as long as there are software programmers and hackers connected to the internet there will always be mahem of which good and righteous consumers pay the price for.

Written for the interest of consumers and consumer protection awareness, by Ed Turner

Join us in fighting back these ISP tactics that burden the good consumer. Help us gain control of the internet as it was meant to be an "informational shared network".  Push the FCC for better Spam and Security Software instead of the band-aid fix of "Blocking Port" actions. Write the FCC and IFCC and complain to them about your ISP's false provisions and fraudulent services.

Visit me next month as  I blast the Web Hosting sites on there ploy to sell to the consumer a "Business Website" that are all but that, and "Virtual Websites" that are merely regular Website areas with a few bells and whistles and are not what you expect. (Ipowerweb and others)